Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong

Sheng Zhen Gong offers standing, sitting, and lying forms for peoples at all levels of mastery and age. Master Li Jun Feng explains, “I have experienced how love can make everything happen. Love can dissolve hate. Love can affect the environment. Unconditional love is the best medicine and the highest power. I have learned that the true purpose of man’s life is to learn to love and give love. It is this purpose that Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong serves because in this qigong, love and qi are never separate”.

Awakening the Soul (sitting)

The movements of Awakening The Soul are the most basic Qi-gong movements within the Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong system. The eight movements are practiced while sitting on a stool or chair. These movements serve as a guide to life, a gift given at the start of the spiritual journey. Through the practice of Awakening The Soul, one is able to return to the beginning, to the newness of coming into this physical realm for the first time and the experience of opening of one’s heart.

Heart Mind as One

Heart Mind as One Qi-gong as a practice moves us out of selfish, personal love so that we are able to experience Divine power in our body and in our being. These movements draw out the experience of pure or unconditional love, the most powerful energy we know. It is this power of pure or unconditional love that both manifests and transforms all things. This standing qi-gong incorporates both moving and non-moving stances. The physical movements are for cultivating qi and the stillness is to bring you back to your heart.

Listening to the Heart Gong

This qi-gong is practiced sitting on the floor. These ten movements gift you with the experience of the true joy that lives in your heart. Many of us have forgotten that within us is the source of the deepest joy, and that returning to this natural state will enable us to connect with that endless source of joy in our heart. This practice is a remedy for anxiety and the inability to relax or be at ease. This form is practiced with a spirit of openness, imagining yourself in a happy, beautiful, harmonious, and peaceful world.

Union of Three Hearts Zhongtian Yi Qi

This seated meditation form trains the mind to cultivate tranquility and peace from which it can return to the Origins of life. This form brings breath, intention, and qi to the dantian, or belly, which is the first heart or earth heaven. Then the breath, intention, and qi are brought to the heart or middle heaven and the two are brought into alignment. Finally the breath, intention, and qi are brought to ni-wuan in the head and the third heart, the heart of heaven is aligned. In this way heaven, earth, and humanity are united as one.

Qi-gong is the most internal of the Chinese body/mind disciplines. Qi-gong forms are sitting, standing, or walking, and are considered healing meditations. The forms arose in ancient China from shamanic and martial movements derived from deep observation of Nature and the Dao. The movements are combined with breathwork and internal awareness of one's self. The stagnation of internal energy is the root of illness and disease from a Daoistic perspective. Qi-gong achieves deep healing and restoration through the daily practice of clearing stagnation and developing vital energy.